How to Achieve More YouTube Likes and Subscribers

According to statistics, approximately 1 in 5 people in the world now watches videos every day. With this increased use of video content comes a new standard for publishers on YouTube: likes and subscribers are essential for building a successful channel. With your channel, you have multiple ways to attract more subscribers and likes. When creating a video, think outside the box and experiment with different types of content. Try uploading a variety of niche-targeted videos that more viewers will find interesting and engaging. If you upload frequently, consistency is key. As an example, if you upload once every two weeks, viewers won’t be as eager to subscribe or like your channel again in the following weeks. Keep reading to discover how you can achieve more YouTube subscribers and likes with these tips… 

Be Creative With Your Videos

If you want to boost your likes and subscribers on YouTube, one of the best things you can do is be creative with your videos. You can also sign up for free YouTube subscribers. You don’t have to follow the latest strategies or trends to drive viewers to your channel. Instead, create content that is unique and fun. Additionally, produce low-key and informal content that shows viewers a more human side of you. Your videos can be as short as 60 seconds or as long as 10 minutes. The length of your content depends on the type of video you choose to produce. When creating your content, follow these tips to increase your chances for success on YouTube… 

  • Keep it Simple – By keeping your videos short and sweet, you’ll create content that is more engaging and memorable. Be sure to keep your message simple and easy to understand. Avoid adding too many details that can confuse your audience. 
  • Keep it Entertaining – YouTube viewers like to be entertained. So make sure you incorporate a variety of different types of content so you don’t bore your audience too soon. You can create a mix of text, video, images, and audio. 
  • Keep it Fresh – If you’re uploading new content regularly, viewers have no reason to subscribe to your channel. Therefore, you have to keep your content fresh and original. This will help you get more views and subscribers because viewers will have no other choice but to return to your channel.

Use Live Streaming Platforms

Live streaming platforms are an incredible way to boost your likes and subscribers on YouTube. If you’re just starting out, consider setting up a live stream for your daily routine. By streaming live, you’ll be able to show your audience your daily life as a creator. This is helpful for two reasons: it gives you insight into what your audience wants to see and it makes viewers feel part of your daily content creation. If possible, try to set up your stream on YouTube Live or feel free to use the YouTube Live app on the web. Additionally, consider live streaming events in your schedule. This can include non-YouTube related events, like concerts and sporting events. As an example, if you’re a blogger and you’re going to an event, stream the entire event and interact with your audience while they watch. This gives subscribers and viewers a better look at your life and potentially builds a much closer connection.

Organize Events in Your Schedule

One of the best ways to build and keep subscriptions is to organize events in your schedule. Think about events like a book tour or the release of a new video. If you have a specific goal in mind, you’ll be more inclined to work towards it. For example, if you have a book tour, you’ll naturally have more incentive to promote the tour and get people to subscribe. Events like book tours and the release of new videos give you the opportunity to create content. This content can be live streams, behind the scenes videos, and interviews with other creators. Furthermore, events give you the chance to interact with your audience, which can improve the connection between you and your subscribers. 

Educate Viewers About Benefits of Subscribing

If you want your audience to subscribe to your channel, the first thing you need to do is make them aware of the benefits. This is the first step to attracting new YouTube views: make subscribers aware of the value they receive by subscribing to your channel. To help your viewers subscribe, use your blog, social media accounts, and private message on YouTube to spread the word. You can also add buttons to your videos to let viewers subscribe with ease. 

Create Different Types of Content

If you’re looking to boost likes and subscribers, consider uploading different types of content. For example, if you upload videos that are mostly text, consider uploading a video that is primarily images or video. Or you can simply look for free likes for YouTube online. This will help you diversify your channel and gain views from a variety of different audiences. You can also mix different types of content on the same video. For example, you can have a video that is primarily images with a small amount of text or a video that is primarily text with a small amount of images. While you might be tempted to create a video that is entirely different from your current uploads, this will confuse your viewers and be more work than it’s worth. Instead, consider creating a video that combines two or three different types of content. This will ensure that your viewers can find something on your channel that interests them.

Educate your Audience About the Purpose of YouTube and why they should subscribe to your channel

One of the most important parts of growing a channel is educating your audience about the purpose of the channel and why they should subscribe to it. When you first start out, consider creating a blog for your channel. This is where you can write tutorials, explain how your channel works, and help beginners get started with YouTube. Furthermore, you can use your blog to explain your channel’s purpose and how it will benefit your audience. This will help your viewers understand what they are getting from subscribing to your channel and may also encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel. 


As you can see, getting more likes and subscribers on YouTube is as simple as creating new and engaging content. If you keep this in mind, you’ll be able to make progress in your channel and attract new viewers. Keep in mind, it’s important to be consistent when creating new content and uploading it on a regular basis. This will help your channel grow and gain viewers without you having to take any action. If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to build a large audience of dedicated followers.

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