Get Awesome Results With These Video Strategy Tips

Video marketing is taking the internet by storm. Video is a powerful way to connect with your audience and get them excited about your brand. It’s also an effective marketing tool for many businesses. Videos are accessible, engaging, and cost-effective to produce compared to other forms of media like photos or print ads. This makes them a great fit for nearly any business, big or small, incorporated or standalone. However, not everyone is equipped to jump into video marketing right away. To start seeing results from your efforts, you first need to understand the fundamentals of video strategy and know where to focus your efforts first. With that in mind… Read on for some tips on how you can get started with video marketing today!

Don’t Overthink Video Strategy

It can be easy to overthink video strategy when you first start. You might even feel a bit intimidated by the technique. It’s understandable. Video is an entirely different animal compared to other forms of social media. You have to think about things like storytelling, editing, length, and more. However, in our experience, the best strategy is to get it over with as soon as possible. Overthinking video strategy just slows you down and costs you time. You’ll end up wasting effort on things like finding a studio space and purchasing equipment that you may or may not need. We recommend taking a look at our blog post on The Cost of Video Production. This will give you an idea of just how expensive it can be to get started! Before you get caught up in the process, make sure you have your strategy clearly figured out.

Know What Video Format Is Best For Your Brand

Each video format has different uses and potential audiences. To get a better idea of which one is best for your brand, take a look at the different options.

 – Video blog: A video blog is basically a branded explainer video that explains your product or service. 

– Product intro: An intro video explains your brand and is perfect for product brands. It can also be used to test new product features. 

– Brand testimonial: A testimonial video is a great way to get people talking about your brand and products. You can use it to show off the quality of your products or as a testimonial. 

– Office walk-through: A video walk-through is a great way to give prospective customers a tour of your office and explain your products. 

– Customer testimonial: A customer testimonial video is a great way to highlight the satisfaction of your customers. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to buy YouTube shorts views to help your channel get more views.

Create a Video Strategy Checklist

It can be easy to forget all the things you need to keep track of when it comes to video strategy. To ensure you don’t fall behind, make sure you keep track of these key details. 

·         Who is your target audience? Make a list of as many demographics as you can. 

·         What types of content will you produce? What types of content will work best for your audience and your brand? 

·         Where will you produce your videos? Do you have access to a professional studio, or can you shoot your videos outdoors? 

·         When will you produce your videos? Make sure you know when you’ll be able to get your videos done. 

·         How long will each video be? How long will each video be, and what will be the best length for each content type? 

·         What will you discuss in each video? What will you talk about in each video, and what will be the best theme for each video? 

·         What will be the best medium for each video? What will work best for each video, and what is your strategy for selecting the best medium? 

·         What will be the best time of day to shoot your videos? What time of day will work best for each video? 

·         What will be your call to action? What will be your primary call to action, and what will be a secondary call to action?

Always Test Video Ads Before You Roll Out the Process

One of the biggest mistakes we see companies make with video strategy is rolling out their videos without first testing the ads and engagement from their videos. You’ll be surprised at how many marketers make this mistake. They’ll publish their first videos without testing any ads or content and then wonder why they aren’t getting much traction. Focus on the ad testing first. You can start with comparing your ROI on the ads that are being served and the content that you are publishing. You can also test your content against your competitors. Does your content perform better than theirs? After you have some data to work with, consider rolling out your videos to your audience.

Use Video Content as a Tool for Growth

Video content is a great way to grow your audience and build relevance. Many marketers find they are wasting a lot of effort on their old social media formats. Once they start publishing video content, they see the results they have been wanting. It can be tempting to focus 100% on video, but you shouldn’t do this. You still want to publish a mix of visual and written content on your other social media platforms. The goal is to use video as a tool to help you grow your audience and build relevance.


Video marketing is a powerful tool for marketers of all types. If you aren’t already producing video content, you should start investing in this strategic marketing tool. It can be a great way to keep your audience engaged, grow your brand, and expand your reach. There are many ways to start with video marketing. Here are a few tips to get you started. 

·         Create an outline of your strategy – Knowing where to start can be a huge barrier to entry for new marketers. Make sure to get your strategy down first. 

·         Find a producer – It can be hard to find a good producer, especially if you’re just starting out. Find an experienced professional who will help you with your videos.

·         Make sure to test your ads – While you’re testing your strategy and content, make sure to also test your ads. 

·         Make sure to capture your audience – It’s important to capture your audience’s information so you can reach them when they are ready to hear from your brand.

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